• Workshop Overview:

    The workshop "Basic introduction of Photoshop, with combination of collage technique"
    given by Ai Sato (www.studioaisato.com) is focused on:

    Understanding the possibility of what could Photoshop does to help achieving to create the visual with altered images, which could be the original photography or found images in internet, to be able to give another perspective than being mere standard images.
    In order to be able to handle the program from more focused on artistic point of view, it is important to understand basic composition, sense or idea of depth within 2-dimensional surface. The workshop focuses on the importance of technique of collages, which method is related to the layering process of Photoshop. I would like to introduce the program as one of a "tool", as equal to any of the physical methods to achieve artistic visual. Thus, learning the composition, color combination, creates depth within 2D surface would be the important focus points during the workshop, not only just learning to manipulate images.


    Workshop Location:
    UNICACH (Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas)

    Calzada Samuel Leon Brindis 151 Bienestar Social, 29000 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico

    Course contents/Schedule:

    October 3rd&4th, 2018 
    Introduction of: “What could Photoshop can do, and understanding the relation between collage and layering”:

    Brief slide presentation of how to use Photoshop to create/build visuals, getting the idea of what the program are capable of doing.
    Main focus point of the function will be a “Layer” function, using photos and images, and shapes and lines to create visuals from the perspective of collaging. Introducing variety of function of Photoshop, such as applying filter, adjusting color, duplicating images, etc, variety of methods to play with images. Briefly introducing adding type and drawing tools as well.

    1st assignment is to choose 5 images from assigned practice folder, 2nd assignment is a free-form, choose preferable images to work on without limit.
    October 5th, 2018
    Students presentation: Brief presentation by students, critique and discussion.

  • Images from Workshop:

    Workshop Location: UNICACH (Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas)

    Workshop View 1:

    Workshop View 2:

    Workshop View 3:

    Workshop View 4:

    Workshop View 5:

  • *Workshop was supported by: UNICACH (Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas): https://www.unicach.mx/
    *Photo credit, Workshop Coordinator/Organizer: Shingo Kuraoka: https://japoneco.com/
    *Workshop on-site English-Spanish Interpretation/translation: Rocío Véliz

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